Real men drink pink. Really, they do. It’s a thing, and not just a trendy thing, but it’s a political thing, a lifestyle thing, some may even say a religious thing. We mostly just think it’s down to a delicious thing, but maybe we’re that little bit bias.

But seriously, did you know that Rose Imports is run by three guys? Because we are, and we sure do love our French Rosé. You’ll find out a little bit more about us in the coming blogs, but we thought that right now we’d clear up why Rosé isn’t just a womens drink.


Drinks don’t have genders

Last time we checked, drinks didn’t have genders and the whole “pink is a woman’s colour” thing is a little bit archaic for our generation, don’t you think?

We want people, men and women, to feel unashamed of their drink choices. If you want an umbrella in your drink, go for it. You feel like a fruity cocktail, don’t let anyone side eye you into feeling weird about it. You’re thirsty for a nice big glass of crisp, dry, pale pink Rosé on a summer’s day, help yourself. You deserve it.

Rosé has come a long way

A time ago, Rosé was categorised as a female drink because of its sweet nature. Sure, this dates back to when whisky was a ‘man’s’ drink once again boxed in by the culture of the time. But Rosé has come a long way since then, moving from a loathsome, sickly sweet variety to a fresh, crisp and tart wine. French Rosé in particular has proven a sensational session wine, perfect to pair with a range of diverse foods, anywhere from a steak to more spicey foods like Thai. Unlike some reds and whites, it’s also become an easy wine to pick right.

Drink snobbery ruins the party

There is nothing better than sharing a good bottle of Rosé with friends, either from home or a night out. It’s the perfect party starter while also being a great tipple to sit on. Things start to get complicated when someone judges what you’re drinking simply because they think they know better. We’re all about enjoying the wine for what’s actually in the glass, not who’s holding it.

It’s plain delicious

If there’s people out there that seriously don’t like Rosé then we don’t to know them. Ok we’re kidding, but at least introduce us to them so we can demonstrate why this wine is so damn delicious. And, deliciousness does not discriminate.

We’re particularly fond of French Rosé because of its pale colour, dry notes, crisp texture and freshness. Pink is perfect in our eyes, and we’re not afraid to don a pink polo either if the occasion calls for it.

It’s cliche and we don’t do cliches

The idea that Rosé is a female drink is heavily cliche and there is nothing worse than a cliche. The growing popularity of drier styles of rosé and their suitability with food, means that it’s a wine suited to a number of palates.

Really what it comes down to is daring to be a little bit more experimental with what you do and don’t like when it comes to your Rosé, maybe even your drink reportoire in general. And let’s not forget that it’s also a wine style that won’t and never should break the bank.

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