A.O.C. Corbières, France


Grenache | Cinsault | Syrah  


Ideal as an aperitif or throughout the meal. Perfectly paired with seafood, salad and grilled meat. A drink to last the day. 


Between 10 - 12°C


A Perfect pale pink colour with shiny silver reflections. A delicate balance of crisp acidity and soft Summer fruits. The taste is fresh with notes of pomegranate, cherry and peppers. The after taste is long, elegant and french. leading to a long lasting crisp finish. 



Jacques Maymil (1920), a contractor from Narbonne and passionate about viticulture, bought some vineyards in the 1950’s around Ferrals, the place from where his mother originated. Upon harvesting the grapes, he took them to the village’s cooperative winery, and in 1975, his son, Jean Maymil (1947), decided, with his wife Anne-Marie, to put a lot into the family’s wine estate which counted 30 hectares of vineyards. 
In 1987, only two years after the establishment of AOC Corbières by the INAO, Jean Maymil decided to create his own winery in order to sell his production on his own brand: “Château Maylandie”. The name Maylandie is derived from the union of the names of Maymil and Landrodie, his wife’s maiden name. 


Château Maylandie is situated in the heart of the region Corbières (the area of the Cathars religion & the crusades). It has belonged to the family Maymil for more than half a century. In the last twenty years, the planted grape varieties have been improved and the winery and aging-cellar have been modernised while respecting the wine-making tradition.
The appellation Corbières is the biggest wine area of Languedoc and it is split into 9 terroirs. It’s principally on the terroir of Boutenac, which is renowned for producing very good wines thanks to the terroir (pebbly-chalky-clayey soil and Mediterranean climate), that are planted the 20 hectares of Château Maylandie’s vines. Château Maylandie has the particularity to have more Grenache Noir than Carignan as it is used to be in the Corbières. Besides these two grape varieties, Château Maylandie also has Mourvèdre, Syrah, Cinsault, Grenache Blanc and Bourboulenc, giving exquisite aromas of red or white fruits and spices.